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What you focus on; negative or positive will expand

What you argue for, you will keep

ignite success

What would your success story be, if you could access your potential today? 

Are you ready to ignite your success?


When my clients forget their dreams, it is my honor to show up and re-ignite the embers and start an everlasting bonfire.

I have dedicated my life to working with individuals, teams and organisations like you that will make a difference in the world. I will teach, preach, share, move and shake the very foundation - if that is what it takes for success to show up in your life, business and team. 

I love to travel and have spent time with thousands of people throughout the world, from single parents making ends meet to large corporations and executives. I enjoy meeting and working with people from all walks of life. Let us create strategies that make a difference to your businesses, life and home.

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Every great sportsman and successful executive has a great coach in their corner -

Isn't it time you have your own?

You don’t have to use coaching right away; it’s only important that you are open to the idea of using it soon.  Coaching with Dr. Richie and his team means your personal and professional results improve drastically regardless of who you are!

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Every development goal is unique to you within a wide range of topics. The duration of programmes is a guideline, and our main objective is to ensure that you achieve the results you set out for yourself. Any form of coaching is most successful when it forms part of multiple sessions. Experience the power of coaching - request your first meeting and request your custom-fit quote! 

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