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Spirit Filled Dream Coach - Self-Study

Claim your one-on-one coaching with Dr. Richie Today.

  • 1 h
  • Prism Office Park, Building 1, 1 Ruby Close Street, Fourways

Service Description

Get ready for a roller coaster that will change your life forever! - How to get the results you want by changing the way you think - Experience a new way of thinking - Your word. Your imagination. Your expectation. Your preparation. Your result - The most effective method to remain quiet and gathered regardless of what's going on. - The most effective method to be more astute, progressively engaged and increasingly inventive. - The intensity of The Holy Spirit. - Detoxing meditation...And much more!. Spend 60 minutes every week with Dr. Richie, who will take you through a series of practical, thought-provoking steps that will provide you with incredible break -through's. This Course impacts all areas of your life. Coaching is ideal as a face to face to experience, however modern life has ensured that you can spend time with experts at the click of a button. Dr. Richie will coach you from the comfort of your living room or office as each session can take place via; Skype or Zoom. Support services may be telephonic or through e-mail.

Cancellation Policy

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF COACHING Sessions: A Session may be carried out over the phone or in person at mutually agreed places and times during the coaching period. Duration of Sessions: The duration of the sessions will be approximately 1 hour. It is expected of both parties to be on time for all sessions, whether these take place either telephonically or one-on-one. Session Times: Times for coaching sessions may only be changed by you when given no less than 24 hours notice. If you cancel more than 3 Sessions during the period, I may terminate this agreement on notice to you. Session may be rescheduled for an agreed time. Engagement of Coach: I shall provide coaching to you during the agreed period at mutually agreed times and places. I shall use my best endeavours to make myself available for the entire period. Preparation for Sessions: It will be expected of you the client to perform all actions forming part of the coaching process to enable you to perform any act or matter in the preparation for future sessions as determined during the sessions. This agreement will be terminated should you not comply with the action agreement agreed to during coaching sessions. Confidentiality: As part of the coaching process, I may need to obtain your personal details or confidential material relating to you personally. I shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that such material shall not be disclosed to any third party without your consent. I promise to handle all matters with the necessary confidentiality and that no information will be disclosed without the consent of my client. Dr. Richie Achukwu including subsidiary companies and representatives in the form Licenced Practitioners, Coaches and/or mentors to the maximum extent allowable by law, protect the confidentiality of all clients and will not release sensitive information about the work being done together between practitioner and client, without written permission by the client. The services provided are intended for healthy, well-functioning individuals and teams who want to take action and make motivational / performance or behavioural changes in the service of their goals for life, work and well being. Should some of the needs that are identified go beyond what coaching / training or the expertise of the Licenced Practitioner / coaches and/or mentors or trainers, can provide recommendations for further assistance will be provided / assisted with. Dr. Richie Achukwu including subsidiary companies representatives in the form Licenced Practitioners, Coaches and/or mentors will not voluntarily communicate any business / personal future plans, strategies, customer information or financial information to any third party. To protect Dr. Richie Achukwu including all coaching / training resources used in the process of the work being done together between the Licenced Practitioners, Coaches and/or mentors and the client, the client needs to agree not to disperse or re-use the resources / materials provided to them unless they have the companies’ / the Licenced Practitioners, Coaches and/or mentors written permission and/or of the source of that intellectual property. Termination of Agreement: Both parties may terminate this agreement before the end of the period by means of a written notice a minimum of five working days prior to the next coaching session.

Contact Details

  • 1 Ruby Close Street, Fourways, Johannesburg, ZA-GP 2055, ZAF

    + 27 (0) 11 367 0629 | +27 (0) 63 656 9547

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