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Dr Richie,  Leadership, Coaching, Christian, Master Coach, how to be successful.  Spiritual Life, God, Prayer, Courses, Skills, Training
It is our aim to educate, equip, and encourage professional Christian coaches to use your abilities, talents, and experiences to help others in a bigger way.

We equip you with the latest models and tools to launch a successful coaching ministry to do all that God is calling you to do as a coach!




The Spirit Filled Dream Coach programme covers key concepts that allow you to gain relevant Spiritual Coaching Skills.


Practical life transformation skills powered by spiritual insight.


Become a  Spiritual Life Coach and embark on the greatest journey that will equip you to;

empower, inspire and provide guidance to those around you in the most meaningful way possible.


3 Months covering:

Module 1 in 2 Weeks

Module 2 in 4 Weeks

Module 3 in 4 Weeks

Module 4 in 2 Weeks

Weekly Virtual Classes with

Dr. Richie .

What you Gain

About the Course

About the Course
Leaves Shadow
Connecting Outdoors

Spirit- Filled Dream Coach

This HIGHLY INTENSIVE course will equip with you with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Developing your coaching niche areas.

  • Finding passion and purpose in life with Spiritual Gifts Analysis.

  • Learn about the types of Spiritual gifts there are.

  • Creating & Sustaining a Success Mind-set.  

  • How to get the results you want, Change the way you think.

  • Your word. Your imagination. Your expectation. Your Result.

  • The most effective coaching methods to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Working with the intensity of The Holy Spirit.

  • Detoxing meditation for your personal growth.

Attend Weekly Virtual training sessions with Dr. Richie.

Receive dedicated 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Dr. Richie to expand, fine tune and develop the skills necessary to become an incredible Spirit Filled Dream Coach.

Course Outline

Get your Coaching Toolbox


Module 1:
Understanding the role of a Coach

  • Defining Coaching and the role of the coach

  • Coaching best practices

  • Defining the 9 fruits of the spirit and life application.


Module 2: Developing Self-Awareness, Leadership skills and a success Mind-Set


  • Defining the 7 laws of leadership:

  • Gain greater insight into your personal behaviors and their impact on the results you achieve

  • Develop a personal commitment and drive even during set-backs and obstacles.

  • Create clear plans on what needs to be done and when.

  • Gain confidence in making decisions and taking action.

  • Developing a Success Mindset for yourself and others.

  • The Spiritual road to happiness:

  • Taking a look limiting beliefs and how they bold you back

  • How to move into the road of happiness, and spirituality.


Module 3: Working and coaching within Relationships

  • Working with the 9 basic human needs

  • Learning about the different ‘tribes’ and which tribe you belong to.

  • Develop effective communications skills.

  • Building rapport with your coachee.

  • Developing your coaching model .


Trending! Connect Data From Your Collection

  • How to use and apply the coaching strategies of “Am coming out “.

  • Learn how to use the Practical tools for productivity.

  • Work with a powerful goal setting tool for you and your coaches.

The Toolbox
You will receive the TOOLBOX

TO THE VALUE OF R 2 500.00

containing a variety of templates / samples / e-mails that you can use to coach, support and interact with your coachee's;

Practical spiritual coaching exercises and worksheets including but not limited to;

  • Vision Worksheet

  • Confidence Building worksheets

  • Negative self talk exercise

  • Change your thinking

  • 50 Affirmations for Spiritual devotion.

  • Gratitude Tracker

  • Overcoming fear

  • Communication Worksheets.

  • Dating without fear Worksheets

  • Flattening the Toxic relationship curve

  • Making new friends

  • Improve your speaking skills and more.


Business Templates;

  • Email templates

  • Coaching Agreements / Contract Samples

  • Invoice Samples and Payment Agreements Form

  • Planner samples

  • Howt o ask for promotions and career development

  • Policies and procedures Sample

  • Referral request samples

  • Simple and quick “How to” samples for your coachee’s career development. 


  • Dr. Richie guides your through his Divinely Inspired meditation series.


  • Am Coming Out (Hard copy)

  • 30 day productivity journal in a printable version.



  • Business Leadership Coaching (2 Day) Course

    • Instructor Guide

    • Student Workbook

    • Advertorial

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Dr Richie,  Leadership, Coaching, Christian, Master Coach, how to be successful.  Spiritual Life, God, Prayer, Courses, Skills, Training
Dr Richie,  Leadership, Coaching, Christian, Master Coach, how to be successful.  Spiritual Life, God, Prayer, Courses, Skills, Training

Be Blessed

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Spirit-Filled Dream Coach: Course
Spirit-Filled Dream Coach: Course
be EXTRAORDINARY. Restore hope and Lead with confidence as a Spirit-Filled Dream Coach
24 Jul 2021, 18:00
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