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It is our aim to educate, equip, and encourage professional Christian coaches to use your abilities, talents, and experiences to help others in a bigger way.
We equip you with the latest models and tools to launch a successful coaching ministry to do all that God is calling you to do as a coach!


The Spirit Filled Dream Coach programme covers key concepts that allow you to gain relevant Spiritual Coaching Skills.


Practical life transformation skills powered by spiritual insight.


Become a  Spiritual Life Coach and embark on the greatest journey that will equip you to;

empower, inspire and provide guidance to those around you in the most meaningful way possible.


3 Months covering:

Module 1 in 2 Weeks

Module 2 in 4 Weeks

Module 3 in 4 Weeks

Module 4 in 2 Weeks

Weekly Virtual Classes with

Dr. Richie .

About the Course

This highly intensive course will equip you with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Developing your coaching niche areas.

  • Finding passion and purpose in life with Spiritual Gifts Analysis.

  • Learn about the types of Spiritual gifts there are.

  • Creating & Sustaining a Success Mind-set.  

  • How to get the results you want, Change the way you think.

  • Your word. Your imagination. Your expectation. Your Result.

  • The most effective coaching methods to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Working with the intensity of The Holy Spirit.

  • Detoxing meditation for your personal growth.

Attend Weekly Virtual training sessions with Dr. Richie.

Receive dedicated 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Dr. Richie to expand, fine tune and develop the skills necessary to become an incredible Spirit Filled Dream Coach.

Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding the role of a Coach

  • Defining Coaching and the role of the coach

  • Coaching best practices

  • Defining the 9 fruits of the spirit and life application.

Module 2: Developing Self-Awareness, Leadership skills and a success Mind-Set.

  • Defining the 7 laws of leadership:

  • Gain greater insight into your personal behaviors and their impact on the results you achieve

  • Develop a personal commitment and drive even during set-backs and obstacles.

  • Create clear plans on what needs to be done and when.

  • Gain confidence in making decisions and taking action.

  • Developing a Success Mindset for yourself and others.

  • The Spiritual road to happiness:

  • Taking a look limiting beliefs and how they bold you back

  • How to move into the road of happiness, and spirituality.

Module 3: Working and coaching within Relationships

  • Working with the 9 basic human needs

  • Learning about the different ‘tribes’ and which tribe you belong to.

  • Develop effective communications skills.

  • Building rapport with your coachee.

  • Developing your coaching model .

Module 4:  Coaching as a Business

  • How to use and apply the coaching strategies of “Am coming out “.

  • Learn how to use the Practical tools for productivity.

  • Work with a powerful goal setting tool for you and your coaches.

Get your Coaching Toolbox

You will receive the toolbox which is comprised of a variety of templates / samples / e-mails that you can use to coach, support and interact with your coachee's;

Practical spiritual coaching exercises and worksheets including but not limited to;

  • Vision Worksheet

  • Confidence Building worksheets

  • Negative self talk exercise

  • Change your thinking

  • 50 Affirmations for Spiritual devotion.

  • Gratitude Tracker

  • Overcoming fear

  • Communication Worksheets.

  • Dating without fear Worksheets

  • Flattening the Toxic relationship curve

  • Making new friends

  • Improve your speaking skills and more.


Business Templates;

  • Email templates

  • Coaching Agreements / Contract Samples

  • Invoice Samples and Payment Agreements Form

  • Planner samples

  • Howt o ask for promotions and career development

  • Policies and procedures Sample

  • Referral request samples

  • Simple and quick “How to” samples for your coachee’s career development. 


  • Dr. Richie guides your through his Divinely Inspired meditation series.


  • Am Coming Out (Hard copy)

  • 30 day productivity journal in a printable version.



  • Business Leadership Coaching (2 Day) Course

    • Instructor Guide

    • Student Workbook

    • Advertorial


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