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Boost Staff Performance

Boost staff performance ... And Increase profits

The concerns with performance isn’t so much how much the company is investing into their staff, but that no one could quite pin point a winning formula that increased motivation to the point where it lasted long enough to create a production increase, to result in a profit increase.

If we are to understand performance (individually or team), we need to look at the formula;

Skills x Motivation = Performance

The challenge is to get the ingredients right. You have the training for the skills aspect, the team building / bonus for the motivation and then you sit back and hope that performance increases. But how much skill is necessary vs. how much motivation, and why does one idea not work for everyone in the company? There are always only one or two employees that seem to shine after such an investment, while the others return to their usual habits, moans and groans.

Dr. Richie and Team have discovered a tool that for the first time targets and measures the right ingredients to achieve maximum performance success. Motivational Maps is a simple on-line diagnostic tool that gives MOTIVATION a description, and can for the first time MEASURE it as a percentage!

We’ve all seen the hundreds of personality tests, leadership models and assessments the training industry can offer at a price. Never before has there been an assessment to measure MOTIVATION, which also happens to be the most elusive and most important of the ingredients in the workplace.

One of the priorities for many organisations is cutting costs. At the same time, the need for even greater levels of performance from existing staff is paramount however Training Needs Analysis (TNA) / performance management is time consuming and costly whether it is done internally or externally. Often it fails to identify the key performance issues for the staff.


Motivational Maps

Motivational Maps is the tool that not only identifies the key motivators per individual, but also will provide you with the precise ingredients necessary for a winning formula to make motivation last while increasing performance with up to 32%. UNIQUE to this process is that it actually deals with the root cause of under performance!

De-motivation often reflects on the bottom line in the form of ;

  1. Inadequate skills set | Higher training costs

  2. Low morale = Low Productivity | increased tension and conflict

  3. Poor attitudes | higher absenteeism | increased failures and Errors

  4. staff retention suffers | Recruitment costs go up

  5. Poor customer services |Brand and reputation damage

  6. Increased outsourcing costs & Supervision

Motivational Maps provides the Language for Individual and team motivation.

Dr. Richie and Team uses this product as it is a cost-effective way of tackling under performance and motivation.

The cost effectiveness comes from the fact that the (Training Needs Analysis) TNA requires no EXPENSIVE consultant or consultancy fees. Imagine that, no consultants poking around your business, and yet a result that will give you the information you need!

It simply requires that every member of the staff spend 15-20 minutes on-line completing a short questionnaire. From this a Motivational “MAP” (a 10-15 page individualised report) is produced for each staff member AND similarly detailed report is produced for every team in the organisation, and for the organisation as a whole!

The individual staff maps are highly prized and valuable to individuals, HR officers and Business Owners as they are motivating in their own right, considering that most people like to find out about themselves. So this is a benefit to your staff which reflects well on management.

It couldn’t be simpler!

The individual Maps provide detailed insight into what motivates and how motivated the staff member is (as a percentage). The team map provides the same information plus at least six Reward Strategy ideas on what to do next to enhance motivation and performance. For the HR Department this is invaluable: clear suggestions that are clearly targeted.

Results from this new technology have already been spectacular. To give one recent example from a well known company: Philip Warr, MD of PH Watt plc, has described it as “nothing short of phenomenal.”

21 July 2008

Dear James,


Occasionally I am moved to write to organizations with whom we work with when I feel that a great contribution has been made to my company by that organization. It is sometime since I last had this opportunity but this year the impact of your company's product on P H Warr plc has been nothing short of phenomenal.

You will recall that I took some persuasion to let you lose in my organization with Motivational Maps. I can now report that my initial scepticism was totally unfounded and that the product has been wholly embraced by my Board and Management Team. The feedback is that it has been of huge assistance in increasing the value of the appraisal process amongst all our staff. It has created a focus on motivation which has enhanced the performance of almost everybody in the business - and people have had fun using the maps.

Despite the severe downturn in our industry my firms' turnover in the first six months of 2008 is up 15% and profitability is up by more than 30% in the same period. Whilst I cannot attribute this success entirely to Motivational Maps, I am certain that the Maps have made a considerable contribution to the improved performance of P H Warr PLC this year.

In summery on behalf of P H Warr PLC, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for the contribution that you have made to the performance of our business in 2008.

Many thanks again and best regards,

Yours sincerely, PH WARR

BSc (Hons) FRICS

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