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While the case is cold, legal sources have reportedly voiced a theory that May may have not been the intended target, and the shooter may have intended to target a different prosecutor with the same last name.

May earned his law degree from the U. of Virginia in 1998 and joined the firm of Cooley & Godward in Denver. In 2001, however, he felt called to walk away from his lucrative job to be a prosecutor for the Adams County District Attorney's office. There he became a respected and successful prosecutor. In April, the man who often practiced opening statements before his dog received the Ed Towey Award for his outstanding service to victims of crime. Two months before his death, he had been named chief trial deputy, supervising 16 deputy district attorneys.

Two more names will be added to the National Prosecutor Memorial in Columbia, South Carolina to mark the deaths of two Texas prosecutors, murdered within months of each other by a former Justice of the Peace who sought vengeance for his prosecution on theft charges. The additions bring the number of slain prosecutors to just 14 within the past 100 years.

Officials with the National District Attorneys Association, which maintains the memorial, said at least eight of the prosecutors were targeted in connection with their official duties, while several were killed in apparently random acts of violence or incidents unrelated to their jobs.

On January 31, 2013, Mark Hasse, an assistant district attorney in Kaufman County, Texas, was ambushed by a gunman near the county courthouse. He was the first prosecutor to be murdered since Adams County, Colorado prosecutor Sean May, who was shot outside his home in 2008.

Courtney serves as the First Assistant District Attorney. As First Assistant District Attorney, Courtney is second in command of the District Attorney's Office. In addition to handling a full caseload, she oversees many of the office's administrative functions. Courtney joined the office as a full time Assistant District Attorney in 2016 after working as an Assistant District Attorney in both Lebanon and Adams Counties. She earned her undergraduate degree from Franklin & Marshall College and her law degree from Widener University School of Law. Courtney is the community prosecutor for the Pennsylvania State Police and for the Mt. Holly Springs Borough Police Department.

Julia serves as the Chief of the Trial Division. The trial division is the largest of the office's prosecution sections. Julia supervises the office's trial attorneys and coordinates the scheduling of the criminal trial list with court administration. Julia joined the District Attorney's Office in January 2022. Prior to joining our office, she was First Assistant District Attorney in the Northumberland County District Attorney's Office. Julia is a graduate of Purdue University and Widener University School of Law. She is the community prosecutor for the East Pennsboro Township Police Department.

Details of 13 of the deaths have been compiled by The Prosecutors Memorial at the University of South Carolina, which counts about 40,000 state and local prosecutors nationwide. The Associated Press reviewed a 14th case, the 2008 killing of a prosecutor in Colorado, which the district attorneys group says it is considering for inclusion.

As of last November, about 39,500 felony cases were pending in the criminal state district courts. More recent numbers were not available. Pending felonies peaked at 54,000 in July 2021, with a third of those cases being more than a year old. Ogg has repeatedly asked Commissioners Court for more prosecutors in an attempt to tackle the backlog.

Tom Berg, Ogg's former first prosecutor who was forced from the office amid a 2019 staffing shake-up, believes Teare's departure indicates that a leadership crisis at the office continues. Dozens of prosecutors left in the years following the start of her first term in 2017. She later attributed the turnover


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