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Electronics Toolbox Pro V3.0.5 AdFree Unlocked [Latest]

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Electronics Toolbox Pro V3.0.5 AdFree Unlocked [Latest]

Updated my Kindle Keyboard 3rd Gen(sold for a lot of money years ago)...and it worked flawlessly. I am using the latest Kindle Keyboard and Kindle App(6.3). I re-downloaded v3.0.5 and it worked flawlessly..but obviously I was clicking for a while to get it done.

I had no luck getting this to work for a long time...same problem as before. So I went back to v2.5.4 which did the job for me..but I will update once it updates to v3.0.5. Either will be painful. (I am very disapointed with Amazon for not fixing this bug for a long time)..Now...I have the latest app version and the latest Kindle App. (I am currently using Kindle 6.3) I am successful with this...but it took a lot of work. I guess after 3 years of successfully doing it, it took a lot of work (and a lot of frustration) to finally get it right again. But least its working now. So when its updated, it will probably work for me too. Until then, sorry if this gets solved..but its another reason to simply avoid Amazon. Sorry if this is a little lengthy.

I am successfully removing the DRM on my Kindle 8 for Windows 10...some people have said they can not remove the DRM, and others have said they have success, and that it wasn't as difficult as they thought. I used the file above and followed all the instructions but what worked for me was that I was already signed in to my Amazon account...I had taken their recommendation to register with Amazon, so I wasn't sure if I was in that scenario or not. I tried it both ways...and the Kindle App updated to latest version and I was able to remove the DRM on my Kindle without difficulty. So...this may be some sort of conflict between registering with Amazon...but I do not have any way of knowing. It may just be the latest version of the App, and I think we all know Amazon is moving to the latest hopefully, this will work (unlocked) for everyone. I know it has worked for me...and any suggestions for removing the DRM is appreciated, so that this thread is not closing 3d9ccd7d82


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