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HaneWin NFS Server V1.2.6.full.41


HaneWin NFS Server V1.2.6.full.41

Install tightvncserver sudo apt-get install tightvncserver (For RPi to install tightvncserver, it needs to install xfonts-base) Fix gray screen when login to ubuntu 14.04. Update file /.vnc/xstartup as below

Simple Computer Remote =27&t=40797 -pi-remote-control.html -to-install-simple-computer-remote.htmlFix grey screen on connecting VNC server when setting up Ubuntu 14.04 with VNCquadcopter control by RPi

-there-a-way-to-start-restart-stop-apache-server-on-linux-as-non-root-user -as-non-root -how-to-give-a-user-permission-to-restart-apache 153554b96e


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