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Wealth Expansion University

the blockchain


The biggest challenge we face in the modern world, is tirelessly working towards increasing our incomes;

  • being better at our jobs,

  • better parents,

  • better partners,

  • ultimately just being better people,


so we can increase our value and live the life our dreams are made of in the shortest possible time.

It’s an all-consuming and often demotivating process with time constraints, daily pressures and countless obstacles.

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What if we could offer you a simple way to

EARN while you LEARN

the skills you need to improve your productivity, your leadership, your motivation and life in general?


Wealth Expansion University, WEU, is a simple and practical concept designed specifically for YOU, bringing together critical elements such as;

  • Your Wealth creation,

  • Your Learning and skills development combined with

  • Trend-setting Technology.


It is a simple strategy that allows you to maximise your learning, while you are actually earning without having to become some tech-expert. 


The question is: how eager are you to take your career and personal development to the next level, while you easily earn an income that not only sets you up for financial freedom, but boosts your independence and overall success?


The world is changing, and digital currency is becoming a leading form of wealth creation. WEU is a platform that enables you to easily gain access to Etheream, which is said, can be mined by individuals more easily than bitcoin.

WEU’s blockchain system offers its members a 95% pay out.

As one of the most unique system, this 95% payment is distributed

to its members (You) through:

  • Double sponsors

  • Level binary

  • Proof of stake.


WEU’s vision is to ensure that you are supported from the beginning in maximising your earning potential while at the same time gaining access to:

  • leading skills development courses,

  • motivational strategies and

  • access to renowned facilitators, authors and speakers in a variety of fields.


Our Blockchain technology is a human-interference free, security-based system, which automatically distributes earnings to the relevant stakeholders, you. It is a business building model where the results are connected directly to your efforts.


Become a member of our WEU family and build your business from the comfort of your home, during your lunch break or when it is most convenient for you. You don’t need to be a master salesman or a fancy marketer. You interact with people all the time, from the cash-point at your favourite supermarket, to your friends who visit over weekends, or your family members you see once a year. Every contact number in your phone opens up your business model and boosts your earning potential.

The most amazing part, is that every person you bring on board also gets access to courses that develop their skills while they too begin to earn an income. This puts into practice what Steve Jobs has said: “You must want to be building something together that lasts”.

This makes the WEU a generational-wealth creation platform with a twist of development and excellence.


WEU aims to become the BRIDGE-BUILDER, between your deepest desires all the way to your highest desired-results in the essentials of life itself. We believe in the power of education and training combined with the power of wealth creation will result in a transformation unlike anything the world has seen.


Are you ready, to earn? Are you ready to Learn?

Then, let’s go change YOUR world!

Professor & Students

To simply LEARN

Select our WEU Learning Plan, to gain access to Dr. Richie's teachings on;

Personal Development,

Business Development,

and weekly coaching sessions.

Stacks of Coins


Accredited courses are being developed in collaboration with Dr. Richie and Inferno Infinity Academy.

Keep an eye on this space,

as we are busy revolutionizing the learning experience.

Business Management Certification Coming Soon!

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