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Get ready for a roller coaster that will change your lifeforever


  • How to get the results you want by changing the wayyou think
  • Experience a new way of thinking
  • Your word. Your imagination. Your expectation.Your preparation. Your result
  • The most effective method to remain quiet andgathered regardless of what's going on
  • The most effective method to be more astute,progressively engaged and increasingly inventive
  • The intensity of The Holy Spirit
  • Detoxing meditation...And much more!.


Spend 60 minutes every week with Dr. Richie, who take you through a series of practical, thought-proviking steps that will provide you with incredible break-throughs impacting all areas of your life.


This programme is specifically designed for you! Book you appointment today!

Spiritual Coaching

SKU: SpiritualCoaching
  • Coacging is ideal as a face to face to experience, however modern life has ensured that you can spend time with experts at the click of a button.


    Dr. Richie is also available to coach you from the comfort of your living room or office as each session can take place via; Skype, Zoom.


    Support services include telephonic assistance, as well, e-mail support.



  • Choosing this product, is the one decision you will not regret.


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