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Box qx3 can be used to view your recording, albeit there are many restrictions on the with and size of it, written here is a useful summary of the information. Converting the recording file to.mp4 makes that file easier to transfer quickly through e-mail or other means of data transfer. Also, convert the recording to.h264 this can reduce the file size to a more reasonable size. Leave the resolution on the default setting or select the correct setting to make sure that you get the highest quality.AUDIO AUDIO is the highest quality. The highest quality is the "auto" setting.STEREO This is the "normal" or "stereo" setting. This setting reduces the audio quality but creates a much better picture.NTSC This is a similar setting to mono, but it limits the audio to the standard American NTSC system.PAL However, this setting is for PAL or the European standard and is a less quality setting.MONO This setting is for "mono" or "mono" quality. This setting gives you the least quality but still has a good picture.FULL (ALPHA) This setting gives you the best quality of all, and the best picture. It does not limit the audio. This setting can only be used to convert a.mp4 file. You can create a.mp4 with this setting by installing the mp4ffmpeg.EXE on your Windows PC, then using the GUI display to encode a video before transferring.

The software is built to help you build a great part for DIYers and find areas of your plans which you may have missed during construction. It can see through structural walls and ceilings or areas which you should be using as walls, and even show areas which you may have missed. d2c66b5586


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