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How to Use Test Drive Unlimited 145 Trainer to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

How to Use Test Drive Unlimited 145 Trainer to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

If you are a fan of racing games, you might have heard of Test Drive Unlimited, a massively open online racing game that lets you explore over 1000 miles of Hawaiian roads in various vehicles. The game was released in 2006 and received positive reviews for its realistic graphics, dynamic weather, and online features.

Test Drive Unlimited 145 Trainer

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However, if you want to spice up your gameplay and unlock some extra features, you might want to try using a trainer. A trainer is a program that modifies the game's memory and allows you to activate various cheats, such as infinite money, no traffic, turbo boost, and more.

One of the most popular trainers for Test Drive Unlimited is the 145 Trainer, which works with the latest version of the game (v1.66a). This trainer has 12 options that you can use to customize your gaming experience. Here are some of the features of the 145 Trainer:

  • F1: Power Snap - This option gives you a powerful acceleration that can help you overtake your opponents or escape from the police.

  • F2: Turbo - This option activates a turbo boost that increases your speed for a short time.

  • F3: Better Brakes - This option improves your braking ability and reduces your stopping distance.

  • F4: Save Position - This option saves your current position on the map, which you can use to teleport later.

  • F5: Load Position - This option teleports you to the position that you saved with F4.

  • F6: Reset Position - This option resets your position to the original one before using F4 or F5.

  • F7: No Police - This option disables the police chase system and makes you immune to traffic violations.

  • F8: Add Money - This option adds $100,000 to your account every time you press it.

  • F9: Freeze Timer (Rental) - This option freezes the timer when you rent a car, allowing you to use it for as long as you want.

  • F10: Freeze Timer (Mission) - This option freezes the timer when you do a mission, giving you unlimited time to complete it.

  • F11: Infinite Coupons - This option gives you unlimited coupons that you can use to buy cars and accessories.

  • F12: No Speed Limit - This option removes the speed limit indicator and allows you to drive as fast as you want.

To use the 145 Trainer, you need to download it from one of the links below and unzip it. Then, run the trainer and start the game. During the game, you can press the keys listed above to activate or deactivate the cheats. You can also hear a sound when you press a key, indicating that the cheat is on or off.

Please note that this trainer is only for single-player mode and may not work with online mode or multiplayer mode. Also, make sure that your game is updated to version 1.66a before using this trainer. You can check your game version by looking at the bottom right corner of the main menu screen.

If you have any problems with using this trainer or want to report any bugs or errors, please contact the trainer's creator at You can also leave a comment below and share your feedback or suggestions.

We hope that this article has helped you learn more about Test Drive Unlimited 145 Trainer and how to use it to enhance your gaming experience. Have fun and enjoy the game!

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