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How To Fix Xaudio2dll Missing Error In Prototype 2 |LINK|

How to Fix Xaudio2dll Missing Error in Prototype 2

If you are a fan of Prototype 2, a popular action-adventure video game, you may have encountered a frustrating error message that says Xaudio2dll is missing when you try to launch the game. This error prevents you from enjoying the game and can be caused by various reasons, such as corrupted or outdated DirectX files, missing or damaged Xaudio2dll file, or incompatible sound drivers.

How to Fix Xaudio2dll Missing Error in Prototype 2

Fortunately, there are some easy solutions that can help you fix this error and play Prototype 2 without any problems. In this article, we will show you how to download and install Xaudio2dll for Prototype 2, as well as how to update your DirectX and sound drivers. Follow the steps below and get ready to unleash your powers in Prototype 2.

What is Xaudio2dll and Why is it Important for Prototype 2?

Xaudio2dll is a dynamic link library (DLL) file that is part of Microsoft DirectX, a collection of software components that enable high-performance multimedia applications, such as games and videos. Xaudio2dll is responsible for providing advanced audio features and effects for DirectX-based games, such as Prototype 2.

When you install Prototype 2 on your computer, it may require a specific version of Xaudio2dll to run properly. If your computer does not have this version of Xaudio2dll, or if the file is missing or corrupted, you may see the error message Xaudio2dll is missing when you try to start the game. This means that the game cannot access the audio functions that it needs from Xaudio2dll.

How to Download and Install Xaudio2dll for Prototype 2?

One of the easiest ways to fix the Xaudio2dll missing error in Prototype 2 is to download and install the file from a reliable source. However, you should be careful when downloading DLL files from the internet, as some websites may offer malicious or infected files that can harm your computer. Therefore, we recommend that you use a trusted website that offers genuine and safe DLL files, such as

To download and install Xaudio2dll for Prototype 2 from, follow these steps:

  • Go to and click on the Download button next to the version of Xaudio2dll that matches your system type (32-bit or 64-bit).

  • Save the file to a location on your computer where you can easily find it, such as your desktop or downloads folder.

  • Extract the file from the ZIP archive using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

  • Copy the extracted Xaudio2dll file and paste it into the folder where Prototype 2 is installed on your computer. This is usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Prototype 2.

  • Restart your computer and launch Prototype 2 to see if the error is fixed.

How to Update DirectX and Sound Drivers?

Another possible cause of the Xaudio2dll missing error in Prototype 2 is an outdated or corrupted DirectX installation on your computer. DirectX is a software component that enables games and other multimedia applications to interact with your hardware devices, such as graphics cards and sound cards. If your DirectX files are not up to date or are damaged, they may not be able to provide the necessary functions for Prototype 2.

To update DirectX on your computer, you can use the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer from Microsoft. This tool will automatically download and install the latest version of DirectX for your system. To use this tool, follow these steps:

Go to and click on the Download button 04f6b60f66


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